Friday, 9 January 2009

Hi all, I found a lady who does beautiful colouring and her first video is just fabulous. Christine has beautiful creations on her blog and I just couldn't stop looking at the way the colouring was achieved. I watched it but will have to go regularly to pick up some hints as I've not had much joy in settling to a favourite colouring medium, well maybe I haven't experimented enough so that will be another aim this year, to improve in this field and also to use up ALL the stash I've bought and stashed away for year or two.

Another lady Ellen who has tips for colouring has tutorials so I'll go there for tips too. You have to go the classroom on the left side bar.

And also lastly I keep meaning to say this when I do a new post but keep forgetting to. THANKYOU for following me! I noticed before christmas I had 3 followers, but I don't know how they became to follow me as I've not got a followers list on my blog. I'm just glad there is someone out there who visits me or likes my blog for whatever reason it may be. :))

OOh Tina from High Hopes stamps is requesting for cards to be sent to her grandad who is turning 88 and is a widower, he enjoys fishing so I have a card in mind. Ila one of my favourite blogs i visit has a bit about it. See you in a while.

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Ila said...

Hi Ruby...Thanks so much for the kind words and spreading the news about Tina's grandfathers Birthday!!..I am wondering ...did you get his addy? you can email me if you need too...Also is it okay if I add your fabulous card for Tina's Grandpa to this post?... ....Hugs, Ila