Sunday, 13 September 2015

Helloooooo one and all. I'm still busy with other crafting interests such as this one I sewed up. I won't be too long with some card makes so please don't despair my good friends. I'd like to say a 'big' thanks to Brenda from Floral Fantasies for my lovely parcel of goodies I won recently. I know I've not created much in the way of cards but there's one or two I did make so will post them on here shortly. Getting back to this practical, useful item made out of two lovely curtains on sale at a local charity shop. Fine strong material for me to upcycle and I was super excited. My intention was to make a pair of 'bags for life' to keep in my car. We'll soon be needing these more than ever as plastic bags will be costly in most stores starting in October.

As you can see 'a bargain for lined ones'.

Tape has come off the top, section cut off for the handles, halved and assembled so the flowers stay the right way up.

Handles sewn and pulled the right side through with my daughter's big terry nappy pin which I've still kept.

Finished bag...

...or two.

...with my name stamp inside. Hope you like my creative sewing. Hope to be on here again soon. Bye and take care everyone.

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