Thursday, 26 April 2012

They've flown the nest...not my children but the family of Robins that were residing in my hubbys (not finished shed), this is the continuation after we discovered we had some feathered friends residing with us in an outbuilding (shed). This is a first for me (with animals) as is trying to work the new interface on Blogger, have I really forgotten how it works or have they made it more complicated..well we'll see how this goes. All the pics have been taken only 2-3 days apart and it's amazing how all this has happened..from 5 little eggs to 4 pairs of eyes, it looks like the 5th didn't make it.

This was taken Tuesday...

 ...and this is what greeted me today..I'll leave it to you to work out where the 4 of them were before they flew off.

I was petrified to see those long nails that my hubby didn't get to tidy off but will hopefully do now that they've fled. However, I may just persuade him to leave a small enough vent for them to come back if they choose to. What a tender moment the last few weeks have been..just to see if they would make it out of that carrier bag, I'm so pleased they made it but sad to see them go. Hoping we will have the pleasure of another lot..just maybe? Many thanks for visiting, sorry there's no card but I'd love to know what you think.

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Sandra H said...

Oh Ruby, hopefully they will come back home you never know! thanks for the update and keeping up informed:)x