Wednesday, 11 April 2012

As promised yesterday, this is what we discovered in my hubby's shed this beginning for Easter. The nest is in an old paper bag hung on a hook only to one handle with lots of other bags inside it, what a lovely surprise and I've showed the pics to all my family too, they're Robin eggs and it comes through a triangular piece of space that my hubby didn't quite get round to finishing off, delight to see even the Robin sitting on them below and a closer shot too. We're able to wander in and out of the shed as it's behind the door where my hubby used to hang his jacket but not any more, I keep reminding him not to disturb them. I can't wait to see the eggs hatch and the little ones getting strong to fly out. Hope to come back with some pics in a couple of weeks on the update. Thanks for visiting, and I'd love you to leave a comment so I can visit you too! Bye for now.


Sandra H said...

Oh how lovely l'm cooing they are lovely,l can see lots of eggs will they all hatch?!:)x

Claire Phillips said...

I love lucky are you - thanks for sharing those fab photo's! Cheers Claire x