Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hi and welcome to my blog, no card as yet but as promised a little while ago here's a Center Step Card Template done my way (from a half sheet of A4 which is approx 21cm x 14.8cm). I'm sorry I'm no techno person really so it's all handwritten! It's how I make mine as I don't like to make my cards big, so it might not suit everyone but I hope there's someone out there who'll like to try it...there's details of the mountain folds and the valley ones and you can always adjust the side bits if you want them thinner or wider, I just hope you can see the measurements I normally use. Top tip is to score on the back of your design paper. I printed some lovely patterned design from the lovely Trudy 'thankyou' and will be off to find an image to put on there. Thanks for your visit today.

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*Vicki* said...

Ruby, there is a wonderful tutorial on SCS that explains how to make one of these creations step-by-step hun! I don't believe you need a template at all! Let me know if you want the link!! Your paper is pretty!! ;)